Vantage Points
Sensing the world
from the base of our spines
existence feels heavy
and coarsely defined

Touching the world
from our groins
in streams of desire
all things seem joined

Beholding the world
from our inner guts
consumption seems like
the essence of all stuff

Feeling the world
from the core of our hearts
love and compassion
become sharp

Hearing the world
at the point of our throats
symphonies of sound
resonate and float

Beholding the world
from the apex above the eyes
this creation merges
into a singularity of light

Experiencing the world
from a higher sphere
there is no world, no self,
no praise, no fear

Each perspective has
its own way of sensing things –
from which vantage point
do you choose to be?
Noel: (shaking his head) Hmm. This nonsense about chakras isn't scientific.
Gwen: Who knows? What most people refer to as "science" might be merely a socially sanctioned set of dogmas.
Orapan: No, real science focuses on methods – not results. If a given method of inquiry is replicable, externally observable, and logically consistent only then it can be called "scientific."
Tara: By that definition spiritual masters have been practicing "science" for thousands of years.
Gwen: Ah, the scientific method espoused by Alhazen, Bacon and Descartes is a cultural artefact with no inherent "truth" – merely widespread social validity.
Noel: (sighing) Obviously, we disagree. Shall we move on?