Andrei: Ah – another text zat was pictified.
Jules: Perhaps we're lucky it was recycled into art.
Soo: De poem still rives – now it's simply visual.
Elijah: Poetry neither lives nor dies: only our imaginations.
Survival Strategies
All creatures survive through varied ways 
Some blend with their environments 
others use cunning 'n guise 
Some bear protective armor 
others the value of fecunity realize 
What strategy do humans have 
to insure posterity? 


With stuff like that
it's amazing
any folks claiming to be half-human 
still manage to be alive
Philyra: Whad'dya imagine seeing this?
Ellesha: Crystallic text. In the future, some texts will be preserved in crystals.
Soo: Our understanding ah crystals is stirru primitive.
Ellesha: Yeah. All our so-called 'wisdom' could exist in a single crystal.

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