Blue Earth : Reader Reviews

Image of Andrei
Andrei: The only good thing about zhis book is its honesty. The author does not pretend to be a totally green eco-being: he's willing to admit his own inconsistencies & struggles. In that sense, this work speaks to many people sensing the gap between zheir thoughts & deeds.
Image of Jules
Jules: Hey - what' the use of this whining and pining? All this ceaseless lamenting about environmental destruction is a drag. Why can't this writer just chill out & enjoy a delicious, cool beer? Is he foolish enough to think that poetry or art ever makes a difference in the scheme of things? Ahors!
Image of Soo
Soo: Sum ah dis wuz interesting in a riterrary weigh. Rots ah duh works are hopelessly amateur - yet now & den I felt a gurimpsu of dings mysterious. Duh author iz strongest when affirming dah parts ah us dat are naturally wild, riquid, & wondrous. His rants are mildry amusing in murderation, but dreadfolly tiresome in excess.
Image of Philyra
Philyra: Well, at best I think of this work as a beginning: the concerns raised here are timely & relevant, but they need to be translated into action. The author must get out of his shell & network more. Our whole world is becoming increasingly interconnected and the ability to share and communicate well with others is paramount to our survival.
Image of Ellesha
Elijah: Well, every book can be likened to a seed. This book has some interesting ideas, but its pervasive ennui is problematic. This book - in itself - is nothing. However, many others around the globe are echoing similar thoughts. The author is tapping into a powerful current. In that sense, this is not quite total trash.
Image of Ellesha
Ellesha: You really want my opinion? I think all words are meaningless, but the art rocks. The older I become, the less I believe in words. I've heard all kinds ah sweet-sounding rhetoric, but in the final analysis, so what? We should remember the silence of the ocean and enjoy images arising the same way we enjoy water bubbles. No bubble lasts long - even human civilization is but a brief bubble in time . . . The best way to appreciate this book is as a child who can't read, but is curious about exploring the connecting patterns.
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