Elijah: Can billions of humans together exist on one planet? Can we manage to tolerate each other, and accept adverse beliefs?
Soo: Why ask me? I can hardly comprehend my very tiny corner of the world, let alone the complexity of our whole planet.

Past Judgment- an art work by T Newfields

Philyra: Without fundamental change, I fear that our civilization will collapse.
Andrei: Haven't prophets been saying that for ages?
Jules: Hey dudes - Relax! Enjoy your moment in the sun. Soon enough we'll all be wasted: there'll be no humans breathing, no organic life thinking a whoof about anyding beyond dah next meal. . .
Ellesha: Besides - whatever we think, the universe will surprise us. Reality is bigger than any of our conceptions. So relax, and make your small garden as green as you can . . .
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