Why billow in such a flurry?
Aren't we all heading for the same immensity?
What's the sense ah rushing?
Will our frantic efforts amount to anything?

Perhaps we've forgotten what's important:
Aren't we mere shells in the sea?
We should discard land-based priorities
& realize how the billows in each of us
contain wondrous complexity.
Immensity VI - an art work by T Newfields


Deep within your lips there's an ocean
& I am but a wave.
Forget all billows & remember:
when we merge, joy rises
& our froth contains
links to the entire food chain.

Come, let us share our waters –
it's time to embrace the sea.
Let's renew our affinity
& relearn to breathe!
Philyra: (frowning slightly) Poetry has an almost mystical meaning for this author.
Jules: Personally, I dislike it when people try to make a religion out of verse. Mon œil! It seems too pretentious.
Soo: I disagree. De religion dis author is talking about sees people as small & rife as interconnected. What's pretentious about dat?