Are these the headlines we wanna see?

Are these the headlines we wanna see? - a pictoral poem by T Newfields
Ellesha: Isn't it wiser to focus on outcomes we hope to see rather than lamenting what we should avoid?
Soo: Both perspectives have value. At times it's useful to focus on positives; other times we should recognise potential pitfalls. Life does not fit into a simple formu-rah.
Philyra: Some people focus solely on positives, discretely ignoring unpleasantries . . .
Jules: (parodying Soo) . . . n' udderz rehash past trauma kun-stant-ree.
Ellesha: (parodying Jules) Perhaps balance kumez only by transcending both notions, yes?
Andrei: Ah come on! Your notions are so out-dated!
Elijah: Are they? Without radical social engineering I fear humans themselves will be outdated.