Above –
faint wisps of sky
with sleepy petrochemical clouds

Below –
mashes of cool saltwater
peppered with polluted brine

To my right –
concrete breakers and pine rows
in geometries of conformity

To my left –
motorists puffing cigarettes
as their engines chant petrol sutras

In this place
where fisheries
are now mass latrines
and container depots feed
hungry factories

HopeTM rises
straight from the butt
Daiki: There have been improvements, but Tokyo Bay is still heavily polluted.
Bhäraté: (sighing) Yeah. A lot of the pollution comes from illegal dumping and micro-plastics.
Chariya: Merely creating new laws on paper is not enough to change human behaviour. To produce a deep change, we must raise consciousness.
An-Yi: (wistfully) It's a beautiful quest, but pessimists will say it's futile. Human consciousness is still primitive in many ways.