Washington Burning - an graphic manipulation by T Newfields

The past is seared in the future,
& as history screams
time-waves move bidirectionally . . .

Once proud monuments now stand as ruins
& bustling offices have become bramble
amidst detritus where cockroaches & rats govern . . .
along with spider webs, thick undergrowth, and gloom

Traveling through this radioactive swampland
the past looms up eerily
A Rome that put Carthage to flame
became a radioactive

Now the only predators remaining
have four feet, six, or eight feet.

Terri: Certainly there are a lot of people who would love to blow Washington D.C. up.
Ted: Yep. And it's only a matter of time before someone eventually succeeds.
Kris: I'm less pessimistic. If America can avoid blowing other cities around the world up, its capital will likely remain intact.
Tim: Historically, ever civilization eventually falls. However, often the decay comes from the inside – not the outside.