Walmart Prayer - an art work by T Newfields
Our Father who art in Walmart
hollow is your name.

Your bargains have come
& sales have begun
on Wall Street
as it is on Main Street. Amen.

Give us a special coupon
so we may continue our shopping spree
& forgive our debts:
which we don't want to see.

By the same token,
help us be compassionate
to those blinded by greed.

And may we strive for justice,
challenging corporate wrong-doings
just as David challenged Goliath
in Elah's valley.

Finally, Dear Lord,
Save those toiling in poverty
from Walmart Inc.
& similar industries.

Kris: Doesn't this poem make a mockery of the Lord's Prayer?
Sam: On the contrary – I think it mocks consumerism.
Tim: Perhaps we need to tackle the issue of what a religion is. To me, whatever you hold most precious is your "religion." And as whenever we shift priorities, we switch faiths. We should think of religion as a verb rather than a noun.
Sam: Hmm. By that standard, consumerism is one of the world's most widespread faiths.
Ted: So is hedonism. But what has this got to do with Walmart?
Tim: (sighing) Take time to decide for yourself . . .