Kris: There's something ridiculously naive about this author. Uncle Sam is as real as Santa Claus.
Tim: Precisely. In one sense, myths are larger than life. The icons people believe in have more power than flesh and blood. Reality is seldom as powerful as myth.
Sam: Shrewd leaders feed the myths to the masses in order to realize their own agendas. Myths give people a reason for living. Without myth, there's a curious hollowness to existence.
Terri: In that sense myths are pre-eminent propaganda tools.

Searching for Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam – why are you hiding?
Why don't you appear?
Have you taken up a different occupation?
Have you succumbed to fear?

Well Sam –
many people are looking for you
& hoping you're alive.
Please tell them
democracy has passed away –
but deceit & greed still thrive.

Twisted Flag - an art work by T Newfields One word of caution:
Don't feed people so much bullshit –
Small amounts argh tolerable
But overloads make 'em vomit.

Be brave enough ta smash a few myths–
it helps us realize
what never did exist.