Trumpus-Rumpus - a graphic manipulation by T Newfields

To make Amerika grate again
& turn the country into a dump
dare is no better person
than Donald J. Trump.

Nobody knows how ta ruin a demo-krassy
like the Don: Yep! He'z got dah balls
ta move Amerika far raight
as the rest of dah world falls.

Stuff yah hear on da news:
dhats all a liberal kunspiracy:
If yawh wanna get dah Twittered-Truth
lissen ta Ronald-Donald'z views.

Yep – You betccha!
The Tangerine Tornado is
gonna tern dings around:
dishing out gifts to supporters
& puttin' everyone else down!
Terri: To me, people like Trump and Joesph McCarthy are like psychic vampires. If you allow them, they will suck up your energy. They feed on negativity.
Kris: Yeah. (shrugging her shoulders) Often I feel tempted ta ignore the fool.
Tim: Hmm. Quietism is not a effective solution with people like that. If Trump were merely a reality tv producer, you could ignore him. However, this ego-maniac controls a multi-trillion dollar defense budget and 6,800 nuclear warheads.