Spelling America:

An acrostic satire

Spelling America: a digital collage by T Newfields

Amputated apogee of accreted Anglo-Saxon liberty

Mediocre mendacious mirage of money

Emergent epidemic of effendi émigrés

Richest country with moral poverty

Icon of Ronald McDonald's iconoclastic imagery

Capitalist cum-caked country

Aghast at its own afflictive misunderstandings

      & anesthetized by arch-enemies of its own making:

AMERICA: land of the flea & home ah semi-slaves!

Sam: (scratching his head) Hmm. This poem seems to filled with anger. Can anything good come from that?
Terri: (shrugging her shoulders) Well, it's a harmless way to vent some frustration.
Kris: I'm not so sure. Perhaps negativity can spread like poison.
Tim: Satire has its place. It is not the final step, but often a necessary bridgepoint between disappointment and a new vision. If the author is really courageous, he or she will examine the conflict more closely and work towards a resolution. That takes energy, time, and commitment.
Ted: Yeah. Sometimes we've got to see things as part of a process – not as a final product. However, we are emotional beings. Often moving on is a process that takes both time and tears.