R-e-s-e-t: an art work by T Newfields

Reset Instructions

When bitter enemies cling to hate
blaming each other for their mistakes,
press your reset button and breathe.

When old fears strangle current hopes
bringing bright possibilities to a muffled 'nope'
find your pause button, please.

When only a few control the world's wealth
leaving little for others on their shelves,
re-program & reassign priorities.

When your thoughts seem stale or dead
& life feels like a repetitive thread,
turn things off, then reboot again.

Our hard drives needn't be perfect
but regular maintenance ensures better health.

& when we finally crash, why not relax?
Isn't all hardware someday obsolete?
Kris: I think this author takes computer metaphors too far.
Ted: Yeah. It's easy to reboot machines – yet what about human lives?
Tim: Well, biologically, it is difficult. Psychologically, however, we are capable of a lot more than many people concede.