Ted: Does this type of cynicism help anybody?
Tim: Probably not.

Project Free-Doom!

An address by the Hon. Horace A. Greenbauer
to the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee

"We need smarter bombs
to neutralize our enemies
'n guarantee liberty.

We need a bomb for each citizen
to defend our values
'n keep our country free.

Let's all work together
so our nation
can enjoy a stronger economy.

Let's demonstrate that
we aren't afraid of attacking others
to protect our GNP!

Therefore Honorable Congressmen
– and dishonorable comrades as well –
I encourage you to vote for this resolution:

Bomb the hell out ahh anyone
defying us.

It'll make our pockets even thicker &
give our enemies one sure taste ahh hell."
Ted: . . . then why doesn't the author stop it?
Tim: Well, the older we become the harder it is to change ingrained habits.