Occupy Wall Street: an art work by T Newfields

Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street!
& Recognize the Beast –
unbridled greed cross zis planet
is causing much suffering.

Occupy Wall Street!
Put power in dah people's hands –
not filthy corporations
with narrow views ah
supply & demand.

Occupy Wall Street!
These are hard times –
the rich are getting richer
& many ta poverty arrr consigned.

Occupy Wall Street!
& change yer frame of mind.
Money is nut almighty –
people kount more thun dimes.
Kris: The Occupy Wall Street movement was a waste of time. It achieved about as much success as the Bonus Army of 1932 or Poor People's Campaign of 1968.
Tim: Actually, each of those events achieved more than the mainstream media recognises. Who are we to judge the ultimate effect of any action?