Flag Transformations / Transformations De Drapeau / Marcar Transformaciones / Markierungsfahne Umwandlungen / Kokka no Henshin - an art work by T Newfields License Plates You Aren't Likely ta See

Alaska: Wild at Heart

Alabamba: Sure, Ai'll Bam Ya!

California: The Great Bare State

Colorado: I'd Rather Be High

Michigan: Missing It Again

New Jersey: The Garbage State

Texas: The Anus of America

Utah: Go for the Missionary Position!

Vermont: Vermouth Is Better

Wyoming: Ask Why - Then Die
Terri: (with ritualized laughter) Why such hogwash?
Ted: Is there any answer to stupidity?
Kris: I see no harm in satire. If a few people enjoy this crap, so what?
Tim: (frowning in resignation) You know, we should be designing space ships and quantum streams . . . we waste energy on such trivial things!