Invasion Target - an art work by T Newfields
Terri: Whyz duh author attacking capitalism?
Kris: Because capitalism attacks human dignity.
Terri: I disagree: it's the least tyrannical economic system.
Tim: The point is irrelevant – if money matters more than humans
or wildlife, no system will have long term sustainibilty.

Imagine a country without Coca Cola or Starbucks –
a land free of corporate monstrosities.

What would a world be like without Exxon or Shell?,
in which no one knew of Mitsui, Oji, or Mitsubishi?

Imagine a place without Microsoft or Monsanto
& community free from Intel, Time-Warner, or APP.

What would a land be without Unilever or Nestle exploitation
in which labor costs were shared equitably?

Can you imagine a place where
Ronald McDonald & Ronald Reagan were mere fiction
or Colonel Sanders & Captain Morgan existed only in parody?

What would happen to such a place?

Why ask the obvious?

Each moment is LO$T REVENUE:
to protect corporate interests, prompt invasion is due!!