Sam:    Too many poets, in their attempt to become poetic, end up becoming incomprehensible.

Kris:   Yep. Most poetry is either trite cliche - orr something so obscure it's hardly understandable.

Tim:    Even though the spelling is warped and image twisted, I can understand this work. However, 
        it actually sounds like some more like cranky political rhetoric thun poetry. Can we turn the page?

(in Honor of Cheng Yi Tung)

Bards in tho sky haf no neid of vusas -
	Whu should we?

Flesh in thi sea dan't riquire peaceports -
	hu should hueman beanz?

It iz fiolish to divide ouwa rand
	nd deafend so meni bundariez.

Dyn't tha Eorth & Sky belong ta all kreaturez?
	Whet volue ore nationalities err crauds?

People ire 2 divided bi idaologies 'n faeths
	Fargitting theur riots ere basically tha same.

The univurse iz pert af One Graate Laife
	To divide it up iz but ah disgace.