Terri: Is this supposed to be funny?
Sam: Don't ask me - how should I know?
Ted: Well, many Americans do seem to have a sort of "cartoon mentality."
Tim: If that weren't true, it would be funny.

Bugsy: So are ya wid me err against me?
Beenie: I dunno. Ya got much cash?
Bugsy: Cash? Not fer you, ya slimy slob!
Beenie: Don't play wid me. I know yer loaded.
Bugsy: Yeah, 'n I gotta lots ah weaponz too – so watch yer step!
Beenie: Why dun't ya share yer wealth?
Bugsy: Life's a pyramid.
Beenie: I'm gonna blast yer brains.
Bugsy: Jes try it – you're in trigger range.
Beenie: Pow! (Nothing of happens) Ahh . . . That was jest a joke.
Bugsy: No joke – bam! (Beenie drops dead)