Our country needs a poet for president
to help the poetry within each person stay alive.

There've been too many bone-head actors,
power-hungry lawyers, peanut-brain governors,
military moguls, and ego-maniac millionaires.

We need people listening to antelope & caribou,
not just real estate developers or oil executives
fixated on how their dirty bottom lines do.

We need people whose principles
aren't up for sale:
not Mickey Mouse mannequins
mouthing clichés that-r-stale.

We need people envisioning multi-ethnic peace,
who realize this planet is
not merely for human beings.

And yes – we need people courageous enough
to convert the entire military
into an eco-protection unit
that will make our planet green!
Tim: (laughing) This sort of America will never exist. The nation is run on the basis of greed, not any deep ecological ethos.
Sam: It's also fused with a conservative Biblical world view. Nature is viewed as a resource to exploit, not a holistic system that we are a tiny part of.
Ted: (sighing) Yeah. A green America would require a significant change in consciousness. And consciousness is not something easily legislated.
Terri: However, it is something we can manipulate. In fact, advertisers are constantly trying to manipulate the public to follow their own agenda.