7 Ways to Die in Amerika - stupid monolog and graphic manipulaton by T Newfields

7 Ways to Die in Amerika

1. Get into an argument with yer spouse or kin
   allowing commonsense to erode as anger sets in.

2. Win the lottery and have your identity revealed –
   soon enough a huckster will offer a killer deal!

3. Be born black in a impoverished neighborhood
   where gang warfare is more than a likelihood.

4. Be a student in a school in which some fool
   wants ta show he's macho & cool.

5. Be an American solider in a distant place, fighting so
   another corrupt government can be sustained.

6. Look like a Yank at a place when Americans are hated en masse,
   and be at a spot near another blast.

7. Piss off a few drunken slobs, then watch 'em
   prove how wrong you are.
Kris: Any of these scenarios could happen to anybody,
but the first one seems like the most common.
Terri: And the last one happens more often than most realize.
Tim: I agree! America needs to change its gun culture!
Sam: Ahh, that's easier said than done.